Recent Reasons to Smile

29 Aug


boom1. Absolutely outrageously fun and extravagantly spoiled birthday celebrations. I won’t lie, birthdays are often a let down for me, but this one, ringing in the big 3-0 at “home” with the people who have known me the longest and still like to hangout with me, it was the most fun I’ve had in, well, possibly ever. One lucky chick right here.

2. That moment when you remove the elastic band that permanently occupies your right wrist and realize you, my friend, have gotten a pretty serious tan over the summer.

3. The odds being 90 percent that my upcoming week I spend in St. Lucia are going to involve buckets and buckets of rain. Nice one.

4. Ed Sheernan rapping. Live. Yah, that happened.

5. Birthday raps. Those which I send and those which I receive.

6. Afternoons spent patio hopping with the Vancouver crew.

7. Plentiful, plentiful assignments. Keep ’em coming brain (and editors), I like what’s happening here.

8. That realization that 30 feels pretty much exactly like 29, except maybe even a little bit hotter? Yah, I said it. HOTTER. Lol.

9. The first read maple leaf on the ground. Ok, for many reasons that doesn’t actually make me all that happy, but there is something kind of lovely about fall. When it lasts longer than a week before the blizzards arrive, that is.

10. That moment when you just wanna quit your workout. Like lay down on the floor and cry quit (this seems to only happen after extended vacations, I might note). But you don’t. You pull up your metaphorical socks and you just keep going. Cause you are a mother fucking beast.

11. Yah, man, there’s a bonus one this week! I’m doing my very first television segment this Tuesday! So if you read this, please feel free to tune into Breakfast Television at 8:40 this Tuesday, September 2nd to see me chatting about hall the hippest health and wellness trends in YYC. It will go one of two ways: smiles or tears. But for now, I’m excited!

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