Recently in Smiles

22 Aug


1. A dream three years (literally) in the making coming true. I made a pie people! A peach one. And it was friggin’ delicious. Maybe in three more years I might make another one.

2. Cabin time. Can’t beat it. It’s my Disneyland.

3. Mrs. Doubtfire. On VHS, I might add. All these years later and it still holds up.

4. My Triangl bikinis all the way from the land down under. We all know I have a bathing suit addiction problem, so It was really only a matter of time until I gave in and ordered up a couple of these neoprene wonders that are EVERYWHERE in Australia. They are a damn good thing.

5. The arrival of my plane ticket to St. Lucia. Probably the best assignment of my life (so far).

6. Bench 1775 Sauvignon Blanc. Just delightful. Wish we had had a case, but then again, you stop tasting it past a certain point, don’t you?

7. A nostalgic trip up to Whistler 10 years later (with the same girlfriends). We may have stepped up the class a few notches thanks to an incredible night at Barefoot Bistro, but we’re still just the same crazy gals when we’re together.

8. Taking the class level right back down a few notches right after that fine dining experience when it turned out the bar we selected was having an underwear affair that very quickly escalated into a no pants parts. Oh my. We did not stay long. And that is all I will say about that.

9. Sunshiny pool days in B.C. while it’s stormy misery at home in Alberta. It’s mean, but I’m still smiling about it. Sorry friends.

10. The Gluten-free Green Pancakes at Nita Lake Lodge. Actually, in all honesty, pretty much everything I ate and drank at the Lodge this week was mind blasting, but I’ll get into that another time.

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