What’s Eating Meghan Jessiman (or What’s MJ Eating)

30 Jul

As a nutritionist I get asked A LOT about what I eat. Clients and non-clients alike really seem to like to know what I’m putting in my pie hole  (hint: it’s not pie) on the regular and, well, who am I to withhold the inner workings of my lunch pale?  While I never wanted this site to be one of those “fitness” blogs where the writer just recounts what she eats every day, I can see the value in occasionally snapping a photo of my meals before I scarf them back (though, that has proven challenging since I very much like to eat!) so people can find a little inspiration for putting together healthy meals of their own.

A disclaimer, though, before we get started with this first-time experiment. Firstly, I eat a lot. I train like an athlete, which burns a lot of calories, so I have to take a lot of them in. I’m in no way suggesting anyone copy my style of eats—especially those who don’t exercise rigorously and regularly. That’s why nutritionists have jobs in the first place, right? Meal plans are not a one size fits all deal; there’s a lot of specifics that go into concocting a meal plan and a lot of tweaking that happens from there. This is what works for me…for now. And secondly, my eats are not pretty! No food porn here. Just the straight up, macro-nutrient measured, tasty stuff. Looks not so good…tastes oh so good. That’s my motto.

photo 1

So, here we go. A day in the life of my mouth. Pretty much every morning starts like this. I brew coffee at night and put it in the fridge so I can have delightful iced coffee at my disposal as soon as I wake up. I don’t eat straight-up dairy, so unsweetened almond milk is my version of cream.

photo 2

I told you it wasn’t pretty! But dear lord, nothing beats steak and eggs in the morning. Correction, add a little avacado siracha mash like I did on this particular morning and the standard order is put to shame.

photo 3

I eat every two to four hours generally speaking. So as I plugged away at my “work” (please note that I usually have the Mindy Project just running on a loop in the background of my apartment) the time came for a protein shake. I’ve recently started experimenting with Branch Chain Amino Acids to see if they lessen my recovery time between rough workouts and, frankly, the better cause that ish tastes like ass! So in an attempt to mask their pungently bitter flavour this is a blend of deliciousness: spinach (gotta get those greens!), one frozen banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, cinnamon and a little hit of coffee. On this particular day there was two of these shakes. The other was considered “dessert,” though those BCAA’s still manage to fight their way through all the good stuff.

photo 5

My dining schedule is a bit weird, so I’m not sure we can technically call this lunch since it happens pretty late in the afternoon, bout it’s the closest thing I have to it. This was a spicy blend of sweet potato, ground turkey and sautéed peppers and onions. I cook it all up with a lot of chilli powder, so it’s very southwestern tasting, which I’m a fan of any time of day.

photo 4

Then there was one of those aforementioned ass-whooping workouts. Which was followed by what I refer to as a Garburator Salad. Essentially I throw everything in the fridge into a very large bowl, top it with a quarter avocado, one hard-boiled egg, whatever protein I have on hand (this day it was prawns) and a bucket full of balsamic vinegar. Giant bowls of vinegar-dowsed salad genuinely makes me happy. And then, prior to bedtime another rome of those protein shakes which I forgot to take a photo of. Really, though, if you’ve seen one green shake in a protein jar, you’ve seen them all (and like 30 percent of what I eat. Lol).

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