This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

25 Jul

photo 3

1. Those days when you just friggin’ murder your workout. Especially when it’s something you generally despise. Got sweat?

2. Being home when the UPS guy delivers a package…and ripping open said package like a small child on Christmas.

3. Ice cubes made out of coffee for my iced coffee. What a revelation.

4. Day dresses that illicit responses like, “that’s a cute outfit!” from boys who never tell me I have cute outfits. One shouldn’t care about external validation, I know, but sometimes it’s nice.

5. Slow and steady progress. Of course, if I became a physical specimen overnight I wouldn’t complain, but until that happens I will smile about forward momentum and hard work gradually paying off.

6. Ankle bracelets. I may have said this one before, but it bears repeating.

7. Rolling around on the floor.

8. Birthday plans made (thanks, Richy!), birthday dress acquired. 3.0 is going to be one heck of a celebration.

9. The crazy-ass summer storms that only happen in Calgary. Yah, it’s 30 degrees, perfectly sunny and hailing. Oh and then we throw in a little fork lightening, what of it?

10. Cherries. Even more so, cherries that are less than 2 bucks a pound. For some reason, they are usually like 9 dollars in Calgary, but I digress…

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