Recent Reasons to Smile

8 May


1. Getting the heck out of what is quite possibly Calgary’s silliest winter to date and heading down to good old Los Cabos today. It’s just a quick jaunt, but it’s kind of my happy place, so….WINNING. Thank you, Lana!

2. Sucking at stuff. I’ve been trying a lot of new physical activities lately for story research and I have to say it’s awfully refreshing to just not know how to do things. Seems like a strange thing to smile about, but it’s those moments that ultimately lead to broadened horizons.

3. When the elements of real life make their way into my dreams. Slow cooker roasts equal BBQ competitions, just fyi.

4. Sundays that begin with an email requesting I choose my desired spa appointments. Yah, rough life.

5. Peach eyelet brogues. Who says you gotta wear heels?

6. Writing by hand. Will I do it on the regular? Probably not. But on that particular day, using a pen made the ideas flow steadily.

7. Reading a bio that someone else has written about you. It’s just plain funny.

8. Schmooze fests. Sometimes media events really aren’t all that much fun, but sometimes they kind of rock. Was really nice to finally meet so many folks I normally just correspond with via email in person the other night at the Tourism BC dinner at Market.

9. Ribs. They just can’t be beat, can they?

10. Refocused energy. Come Monday, it’s game on like Donkey King on a lot of fronts and I couldn’t be more pumped about it. Big things to come! I love that feeling.


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