Recent Reasons to Smile

7 Mar

Oh what a delinquent blogger I have been. I’m sorry my friends. I’m not even going to lie, as soon as it stays below minus 20 or so for more than a few days I start to lose my ability to look on the bright side of life. It’s not a quality I am proud of, but it’s the truth. One of these years I am going to figure out a way to relocate to a tropical climate during the roughest parts of Canada’s winter instead of just writing about them from what feels like hell (frozen over).

Anyway, it’s important to practice gratitude, especially when struggling to find the silver linings, so here are a few things that have still managed to put a smile on my face lately.


1. Burger night. Man, I had a serious hankering for a cheeseburger last week, so I started to investigate where I should get my cheat meal. However, as I was taking a look at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries I accidentally came across the nutrition info on their offerings and, needless to say, my nutritionist training kicked in and there was no way I was putting a days worth of calories in my body during one meal. So my friend Lara and I made our own version and holy heck it hit the spot.

2. Fresh basil. Seriously, is there any better smell.

3. Actually, there is a very close second. My new Indonesian Ginger body butter. It transports me to a far away land.

4.  Finally scoring a doctor (and a cool one at that!) thanks to my lovely friend KB. It’s an unfortunate reality of Alberta’s medical system, but you really do need to step out of the traditional “doctor finding” channels if you want to be proactive about your healthcare. It’s about who you know and thankfully for me, I know Karen (and love her).

5. Getting the nod. I never thought I would be the kind of person who needs awards to feel like I’ve accomplished something, but I’m learning that, for better or worse, I need a little external validation in my life. Pretty proud to have made the cut and received my very first Alberta Magazine Awards nomination in this, my very first year as a freelancer. Those Academy Awards nominees weren’t lying—it really is an honour just to be nominated.

6. Ummmm…..THIS. April 5th cannot come soon enough. Seclusion, tropical heat and the undoubtedly hilarious and hopefully enlightening antics that come along with a non-yogi converting to a twice-daily practice. I’m thinking some good story content is going to come out of this adventure.

7. A spontaneous trip booking to San Francisco. One of my favourite cities, plus the 30th birthday of one of my favourite people, how could I say no? This spring is really shaping up to be a good one.

8. Blood orange season. So, so pretty and so, so delicious.

9. Aqua coloured Keds. Even though my clothing budget is non existent due to all the travel bookings, I just couldn’t resist. They are giving me Dirty Dancing flashbacks in the best way possible.

10. Just can’t get enough of Bones by Josh Record. It’s pretty much on repeat these days. It’s gorgeous, trust me.

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