Field Trippin: Bridgelandia

22 Jan

I don’t get out much. That’s not like a, “feel sorry for me,” kind of statement. It’s just the truth. My routine is pretty much set most days. Some variation of work, workout, work, workout, sleep, repeat. Sounds kinda mundane, but I like what I do for work—there’s a lot of variety in freelancing—and, well, I clearly like working out, so life is pretty sweet most days. Also, my neighbourhood in Calgary has everything a gal like me needs, so I rarely find the need to venture into other quadrants.

My pal Kait ( on the other hand, she gets around. Not in the Dragonette song sense or anything, but she does explore what other areas of the city have to offer. Kucy (that’s her last name) and I have had the pleasure of taking a few fantastic trips together in the last year or so and as a result have discovered we really like an adventure. Preferably ones that are infused with cider and/or wine, but we will take what we can get. Feeling the winter doldrums Kucy and I decided last week it was time for an adventure and since a flight to Bali was not in the cards (not yet, anyway) we decided to take a trip over to YYC’s hipster hub: Bridgeland(ia).


As much fun as I poke at the hipster subculture, the fact of the matter is, I probably qualify as one in a lot of people’s eyes. I’m still relatively youthful looking, drink expensive artisan coffee, love home mixology, can often be mistaken for a homeless person based on my wardrobe choices (I call it homeless-chic). Sure, my glasses have actual lenses in them, but you know, close enough.

photo copy 3

Anyway, Bridgeland’s hipster mecca is Luke’s Drug Mart. All I’ve heard about since it opened is how awesome it is and, frankly, it lives up to the hype. Not only does it have a Stumptown coffee bar, complete with cold brew on tap, but whoever is responsible for stocking the shelves is a genius. It’s the perfect mix of actually usable every day items you might actually need, high end designer brands out of Brooklyn and the likes (Malin + Goetz beauty products and Mast Brothers chocolate bars for example) and whimsical delights like stationary, wrapping paper and toys. Let’s just say we killed an hour and a half in there and we were rushing.

photo copy 2

We could have stayed all day, but hunger/hanger forced us to move on to another gem of the hood, Bluestar Diner. It has all the charms of a mom-n-pop diner, but all the deliciousness (and gluten-free options) of a really cool restaurant you would find in San Fran. In fact, the whole day felt a little like we had taken a jaunt to the Bay Area. If we just ignored the piles of ice and snow, of course.  My chipotle pulled-pork hash was just the comfort food I was craving; cornbread et al. Delightfulness ensued.

photo copy

It’s not as though I’m going to dessert my regular Mission haunts on the regular, but I will say this: Bridgelandia, I love you. Overpriced candles and pastel-pink-haired youngsters included. Hometown adventure we sought and hometown adventure we found. Way to be, YYC.

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