Nothing Like a Good Note

2 Oct

Yesterday was a rough one. For no particular reason that I can put my finger on, but rather an amalgam of “what’s next?” thoughts that have been whirling around in my general direction lately. I couldn’t explain what was wrong beyond, “I’ve got a feeling.” For the record, I hate those. It was all very Grey’s Anatomy. Anyway, I didn’t even have time to check my personal email account until this morning when I found this ever so suitable Note from the Universe. And, yes, I do realize many other peeps out there received the same one, but when I opened it up I couldn’t help but think it was written especially for me and my over analytical mind.

Meghan, here’s a hint on figuring out your life’s purpose:

It almost never lies behind the door marked, “Just be logical.”

The Universe

Off to be less logical now….well after I hit my deadline anyway.

Rock on party people,


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