Many, Many Reasons to Smile

6 Sep



1.  Impromptu road trips. Nothing like a change of scenery to grant a little perspective.

2. Huckleberry chap stick, huckleberry beer, huckleberry fudge, huckleberry vodka…the second you cross the border into Montana you are granted access to huckleberry everything and I love it!

3. “Just hold on, we’re going home.” Can’t stop listening to Drake’s new jam. Like seriously, can’t stop.

4. Just saying yes. Waterfall on the side of the road, “yes, let’s go in there.”

5. Being missed.

6. People who just say what they feel. It’s so refreshing for someone (Ok, I’m clearly talking about the male of the species here) to just put it all on the table and express that they are experiencing.

7. My blossoming relationship with my “office” barista. She cracks me up.

8. Coconut incense.

9. Perfect pale pink lipgloss. Granted, it’s an obsession, but when you find that right one: priceless.

10. Speaking of priceless finds, my focus and willpower seem to have shown up again and just in the nick of time. Operation Cabo-w-AB-o 2013 is on (that means the quest to lean out and reveal my true ab muscles for the uninitiated). Just a shame I have a six-day eating and drinking press trip to the Okanagan happening next week. That’s gonna cause some ab distress for sure, but it will be game on upon my return. And the opportunity to visit Jason Priestly’s private winery. Well, that’s just a bonus reason to smile, isn’t it?

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