Recent Reasons to Smile

16 Jul

I have been extremely delinquent in expressing my gratitude lately, but it’s time to start recognizing all the good around once again. In no particular order and certainly in a larger time frame than the past week here’s some of the awesomeness that has been brightening my days of late.



1.) 15 feet away from Third Eye Blind. Best. Concert. Ever.

2.) Home karaoke parties that run past 3 a.m.

3.) Bowls filled with heaven: mashed sweet potato, cashew butter, cinnamon and sliced strawberries.

4.) Impromptu shopping sprees. Quality time is sometimes hard to come by, but that was a good day.

5.) Anticipation. July…what a month this is shaping up to be.

6.) Ginga Ninja beer.

7.) Giant, extremely well organized and orchestrated white parties. I would say Calgary’s first Diner en Blanc was a massive success, thunderstorms et al.

8.) Dress shorts.

9.) My first poutine experience. There was truffle oil involved, so it wasn’t exactly street food, but my lord it was delicious.

10.) Sleep. I can’t seem to get enough of it, but I’m going to keep on trying.

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