This Week’s Best Reasons To Smile

22 Mar


1. Timber-week on Jimmy Fallon. I don’t have cable, so I’m a week late, but sweet baby Jebus, I LOVE that boy. I just sit there beaming at him. Whether he’s performing his tunes, doing skits or just shooting the breeze with Fallon, I’m full-on captivated by him.

2. Good food. Plain, simple, delicious ingredients, thrown together in beautiful accidents. Glorious.

3. Chatting with Jillian Michaels. Just an insanely genuine and passionate woman. I always found her pretty interesting, but I’m a true fan after that interview.

4. Workout buddy Richy. What a pleasant surprise that he a.) was in Calgary on Tuesday, b.) that he actually brought workout clothes and c.) that he was finally willing to come to one of trainer boy’s classes. I wish he could fly in weekly cause that was genuine fun like I haven’t experienced in a while.

5. Grapefruit Perrier. I’m a sucker for those citrus bubbles.

6. Baby Kale. It was like Christmas morning when I spotted them in the salad section the other day.

7. Coffee dates at Analog Cafe. Totally made me feel like we were hanging in Cali or Seattle, not good old C-town. An attractive Aussi dude making my coffee didn’t hurt either.

8. Deadlines. The word itself is not a smile-inducing one, but without them I would likely accomplish nothing.

9. New opportunities. I’m just loving what the Universe is sending my way these days. Keep ’em coming please…

10. Papaya. I don’t know why it took me until my 28th year on this planet to discover it, but now I’m never letting this, frankly, kind of odd fruit, go.

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