This Week’s Best Reasons To Smile

25 Jan


1. The classic Beverly Hills 90210. Whether it’s commentating hour with Gill or fist time viewing with my male counterpart, that show makes for some seriously entertaining material.

2. Getting “recognized” for the first time. “I think your name is Meghan, I see you in the paper and I say,’I know that girl!'” Lol. New favourite Starbucks barista obviously!

3. Lots and lots of deadlines. yes it’s hectic, but I will take it!

4. This conversation:

Community Cashier: “Did you just go swimming?”

MJ: “Sadly no, this is what I look like when I leave the gym.”

Community Cashier: “Holy shit!….that’s awesome.”

MJ: “Yes, I suppose it is.”

5. Firsts. Hey man, I will take excitement where I can get it these days.

6. Asking and, therefore, receiving. What a novel concept.

7. Guava margaritas.

8. French Bulldogs in mittens.

9. Mani/Pedi pony time.

10. Just saying yes to the opportunities the Universe put in my path for a weekend and being astonished by the amazing people and experiences doing so brought into my realm.

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