10 Reasons To Smile Lately

18 Jan


1. $13 scores from Joe Fresh. Gotta love them!

2. Good DJs. I could have danced all night. In heels. He was that good.

3. That rather embarrassing moment you realize you are humming much too loudly to Paul Abdul’s Straight Up in public.

4. Getting a last minute massage appointment when my neck has stopped functioning.

5. And then winning the massage therapist lottery. Hot, straight and tatted-up. Don’t mind if I do!

6. Netflix. I’m powering through How I Met Your Mother like nobody’s business.

7. That rather awkward moment when the guy at the gym looks over at you doing hip raises and feels compelled to let you know how good he thinks you are at them. Ummm….yah, I get a lot of practice?!

8. Days that feel like the “good old days”. Even though everything can change on a dime (and sweet Jebus, it does so pretty often), it’s good to know that at there can still be moments of classic awesomeness between the tough times.

9.  Cocktailing genius. Totally invented a drink that tastes exactly like an orange San Pellegrino and has no artificial business or processed juices involved.

10. Client enthusiasm. Nothing like delivering their first meal plan and seeing them so excited to get started on changing their lives.

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