This Week’s Best Reasons To Smile

8 Dec


1. Taking part in the Santa Shuffle 5K this past weekend, despite the -12 temp and dusting of snow. Added bonus, even with a shoe tying stop, I ran a sub 30 minute race.

2. Advent calendars…especially when they are the good fancy-schmantzy kind.

3. Strolling down memory lane and realizing that some of the moments that seemed brutal at the time are now some of the funniest, fondest and most relationship defining I have.

4. Magazines. I just love ’em. I don’t think that’s ever going to change.

5. The beauty of facebook. I know you are saying thinking, “what?! there is nothing beautiful about facebook.” But when someone that hadn’t crossed your mind in 10 years pops up on a mutual friends feed and you are able to reconnect and see what each other has been up to all this time…well, that’s kinda neat.

6. Speaking of facebook. This absoultely amazing message I received from my childhood neighbour the other day.

“I thought I would share this crazy dream that I had last night about you!! You were on roller skates being pulled by an airplane and you went up in the air remaining vertical. It was an exercise for your ab’s!! How weird! I got all suited up to give it a try but at the last minute chickened out because my ab’s were flab’s!! Yours were amazing.”

I pretty much haven’t stopped laughing since.


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