This Week’s Best Reasons To Smile

8 Nov


1. Lego House. Ok, admittedly I’m just a sappy girl that got sucked in by a modern take on a sappy song, but when I actually stopped to watch the video all the way to the end instead of multi-tasking it totally cracked me up!

2. Sunday night beauty rituals. Scrubbing, buffing, polishing and, most importantly in Calgary, moisturizing thoroughly.

3. Rage cleaning. Or more specifically, the realization that if anyone ever wants me to be a good little housewife, all they need to do is keep me in a perpetually pissed off state. I hear that is pretty easy to come by in a marriage, so there is home for me yet!

4. Running. Don’t be fooled, I still despise running, but the fact that I made my ass go do it despite that fact is worth celebrating.

5. Surprise advent calendar delivery—thanks mom!

6. Well cut suits on well cut gentleman.

7. Getting my mojo back. Serious refocusing is happening here and it feels fantastic.

8. An afternoon of cooking that leads to knowing I have all the healthy eats I need for the week at the ready.

9. Walnut, creme brulee gelato form Cibo. Yah, enough said there I think.

10. New lipstick. It really is the little things sometimes.

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