Yah, Write

4 Apr

So, I’m a writer. I think most of you know this by now. I also believe most of you know that just over a year ago I left my position as the Lifestyle Editor at Swerve magazine (and by left, I mean was laid off) and decided to try my hand as a freelancer. Now I focus the majority of my energy on writing about health, fitness, wellness and travel—rather than trying to sell people shoes they don’t need—and I dig it. I get asked a lot about where people can find my work, so I thought I should try putting together posts with links to what I’ve been penning lately. To that end, please find a smattering of what I’ve cooked up on the literary front in the past few months…

The Doctor Will Not See You Now, Swerve 

The Year of the Date, Swerve

Don’t Mind the (Age) Gap, Westworld Alberta

The $100 Candle Goes Up in Smoke, Swerve

Nice Bun, Where You From?, Swerve

Dabbling in the Dark Spirits, Swerve

Glass of Water and Fibre Studied as Simple Solution for Childhood Obesity at U of C, Calgary Herald

Physiotherapy Tool Puts Muscles on the Ropes, Calgary Herald

Staying Fit While Enjoying the Easy Life in Cabo San Lucas, Calgary Herald


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