This Week’s Best Reasons To Smile

5 Apr


1. Spring flowers hitting the grocery store.

2. My first article in the Globe & Mail, BOOM!

3. Then turning around and selling them on a second one days later. Double BOOM! Lol.

4. Finally hitting up a class at One Cycle. Long time coming, but now I’ve felt that endorphin rush, I think I will be back soon.

5. Nesting. Costs a bit, but it’s worth it to feel like my pad is finally coming together. After Europe it’s time to start saving up for a big girl couch. That’s right my futon crashing friends, it’s almost the end of an era.

6. Beer, sunshine, and desserts after my first time snowshoeing at Mt. Engadine Lodge. I never thought I was a snow activity kind of girl, but turns out I dig them under the right circumstances.

7. Injuries healing. Turns out leaving them alone…as in not using the limbs they reside in…really is the only way to stop the pain.

8. Dry brushing.

9. Sugar detoxing. Ok, the actual lack of sugar is not so much fun, but the challenge certainly presents one of those shake my head and smile kind of situations. No pain, no gain…or something like that, right?

10. Face Time. It is seriously like living in the The Jetsons people! The future is now!

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