This Week’s Best Reasons To Smile

14 Dec

1. Ok, I’m a little late to the party here, but the class room instruments, the children’s choir and Quest Love in a holiday sweater, well, if this doesn’t get you out of bah-hum-bug mode, nothing will.

2. Yogurt for dinner. The glories of living alone. Seriously, it’s glorious.

3. Firsts. Good to know I still have some to look forward to.

4. Twelves, Fifteenths and Twenty-Sevenths. No matter what happens, some things are just meant to be revisited.

5. Technology… when it works.

6. Other people’s salads. Admit it, they are always better than the ones we make ourselves.

7. Justin Timberlake.

8. Ab pain. At this point, it’s pretty hard to come by, so it means we’re doing something right.

9. Coming home from dinner to find  a scoop of salted-carmel chocolate gelato in the freezer that Richy had brought me back with his take-out. THAT is true friendship.

10. Gratitude. Not just taking note of my own, but experiencing a few different people expressing their gratitude for me or something that I have done. There are no words for that feeling.

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