This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

24 Oct


1. It’s funny cause it’s true.

2. Absolutely psychotic and totally unexplainable dreams. Usually there’s like some thread of something I can connect to my real life that makes sense for the wackiness that occurs unconsciously, but lately things have just been batsh*t cray.

3. The cauliflower mash from The Main Dish. I lose my mind every single time.

4. Days worth getting dressed up for.

5. Successful online glasses shopping. I had serious doubts about selecting frames online and punching in a prescription, but I think I like my Zenni optical finds even more than the pair I bought in person. Very good lesson learned.

6. Malcolm Gladwell. Considering my degree is in media and pop cultural studies I’m not entirely sure how I avoided reading any of his work in my earlier years, but thanks to an excellent birthday gift (thanks, Seb!) I’m juts dug into Blink for the first time and am loving it.

7. Total curve balls. The Universe is a humorous character.

8. Ridiculously generous gifts from my new friends at Poppy Barley. I shall show you what I speak of once they arrive, but let’s just say they are of the badass black leather variety.

9. Conversations overheard at the coffee shop. I just love people (well, that’s not entirely true). Their conversations are just so friggin random sometimes. And yes, I am the girl sitting behind you at Starbucks with earbuds in listening to every word you say.

10. Chili ginger bok choy. I’m just making this heads at a time now and devouring it. Should I be concerned?

Things Worth Smiling About

17 Oct



1. Nostalgic scenes from my back alley. Pretty sure I used to have that very same tricycle.

2. The urge to bake. It always seems like so much effort to make muffins (it’s really not when you do it the way I do), but these pumpkin spices babies are so worth it.

3. Taking the time to schedule in catchups with my buds. There really are a lot of unused hours in most of my days, so it was so pleasant to have coffee (ok, mostly just stay sitting in the same spot at Starbucks where I had been working for the previous four hours) with Richard AND Karen in the same day. Not long enough visits, they never are, but that’s a good day right there.

4. Positive feedback. I had the pleasure of checking out Orange Theory Fitness last week for a feature I’m working on for the Herald and I have to say it was a very refreshing workout experience from what I’m used to. Fitness nerds like myself are going to love this place. You can see exactly how hard you are working, exactly what areas may need improvement and when you’re kicking ass the instructor takes note and tells you so. I just wish there was one closer to my hood cause I would be all over this as my cardio option.

5. That moment when you get home from a night out really wishing you had stopped to get something sinful to eat and your remember there’s a taco in your dang purse! I literally squealed with joy.

6. Stepping out of that comfort zone and trying something new. It’s a lovely place, but it has been well established that nothing ever grows there.

7. Brunches that turn into dinner and a random outing to a Salt & Peppa concert. Screw you New York Times, go ahead and classify me as an asshole, but I love brunch.

8. Crazy out of the blue unexpected offers that could possibly flip your whole life plan on its head.

9. Oversized sweaters and moccasins. Pants are overrated.

10. Extremely random Friday night adventures. Sometimes you just need to party with strangers, yo.

This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

10 Oct


1. Getting my antigravity practice on with my bud, Adonia. Love what Jane is up to over at Fit Republic.

2. Brunching it out. Two days, two delicious brunches. And I was serious about it too—stuffed French toast and all. Hey man, we all have goals and mine just happened to be getting heavily into brunch.

3. Over the knee socks.

4. The continuing beautiful fall weather. Walking around in a tank top absorbing some last minute October vitamin D, well, how can I not smile about that?

5. Pumpkin, pumpkin everything. Even the word, really. It’s just cute.

6. Going out on a limb and not breaking it.

7. Powering through to-do lists. This one’s been sitting on my desk for a few months now, but slowly and surely everything important is getting crossed off.

8. New glasses, finally. Sight, what a concept!

9. The return of fall TV. New Girl and The Mindy Project are just killing it so far this season. It’s a really good reason to get into bed early and just have a good laugh.

10. The fact that pretty much every single time I got into the car this past week Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was playing. Don’t care what anybody says, that song’s still one of my favourite jams.

Motivation Monday

6 Oct



This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

3 Oct


1. Straight arm planche progress. This doesn’t look like much, but trust me, even getting to this point was pretty darn challenging.

2. Dog park culture. I don’t have a dog, but I’ve been accompanying my pal Lara and her pup, Happy, to River Park lately. The way the dogs (and the humans to a lesser extent) interact is just fascinating. Just just know what to do…it’s weird.

3. Dirty Lemonade. Needed a fix so I swing over to Cru for a few bottles last weekend. I don’t know if the charcoal actually does anything to speed up detoxification, but it sure felt like it after my aforementioned Korean drinking lesson.

4. Purple-black nail polish. One of the only things I’m liking about fall so far.

5. Glasses shopping. Actually it’s quite stressful deciding on frames, but I’m having quite a bit of fun finding bargains online and it’s really exciting when you are waiting for them to arrive! #NerdAlert

6. The Marianna’s Trench song that’s currently on high rotation. I always take guilty pleasure in their four-part harmonies, but the lyrics of this track are so friggin’ clever (and true).

7. Korean drinking lessons from Chef Roy at Anju. It was my first time in for dinner and I am now firmly obsessed with this restaurant. Such incredible flavours. I’m already craving another order of the crispy tofu. Un-friggin-believable!

8. Bridgeland. I just dig it over there. I still love my Mission, but when the time comes to stop paying rent I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay (I hope that time is coming soon), so my exploration of Bridgelandia last weekend was a good eye opener that there are other pockets of nice gentrified/aging hipster life out there in the city.

9. The driving wave. Every single time someone is polite enough to wave in thanks when I let them in, it just puts a smile on my face. Polite drivers rule.

10. Ninja training. It really is my favourite area of physical fitness to work on. It doesn’t seem like I’m doing much, in fact we’re just laughing our asses off most of the time as I try to avoid falling on my face, but the fact that I can’t complete more than three pushups a few hours later and by the next morning I’ve got serious muscle pain indicates that more work is happening than it seems.

Things Worth Smiling About

26 Sep


1. Important reminders.

2. Costco’s seaweed salad. Who knew?

3. Those very rare days when you blow off work and just have a blast.

4. Closure. It’s difficult, but it’s good.

5. Oprah chai. Yah, it’s ridiculously gimmicky to be sure, but two pumps of that spicy blend in my iced Americano ups the ante exponentially.

6. European visitors who bring chocolate. Seriously, whey do we even bother trying to make it in North America? We should really  just leave it to the Swiss.

7. Tall handsome strangers.

8. Cider. I don’t know when it happened, but I am officially obsessed.

9. Crockpot curry. So damn good.

10. $10 jeans, perfect flannel and a letterman jacket. I’m not too pumped about the impending chill, but my budget wardrobe updates are coming along nicely. 

Motivation Monday

22 Sep


No more sitting, waiting, wishing.


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