Recent Reasons to Smile

29 Aug


boom1. Absolutely outrageously fun and extravagantly spoiled birthday celebrations. I won’t lie, birthdays are often a let down for me, but this one, ringing in the big 3-0 at “home” with the people who have known me the longest and still like to hangout with me, it was the most fun I’ve had in, well, possibly ever. One lucky chick right here.

2. That moment when you remove the elastic band that permanently occupies your right wrist and realize you, my friend, have gotten a pretty serious tan over the summer.

3. The odds being 90 percent that my upcoming week I spend in St. Lucia are going to involve buckets and buckets of rain. Nice one.

4. Ed Sheernan rapping. Live. Yah, that happened.

5. Birthday raps. Those which I send and those which I receive.

6. Afternoons spent patio hopping with the Vancouver crew.

7. Plentiful, plentiful assignments. Keep ‘em coming brain (and editors), I like what’s happening here.

8. That realization that 30 feels pretty much exactly like 29, except maybe even a little bit hotter? Yah, I said it. HOTTER. Lol.

9. The first read maple leaf on the ground. Ok, for many reasons that doesn’t actually make me all that happy, but there is something kind of lovely about fall. When it lasts longer than a week before the blizzards arrive, that is.

10. That moment when you just wanna quit your workout. Like lay down on the floor and cry quit (this seems to only happen after extended vacations, I might note). But you don’t. You pull up your metaphorical socks and you just keep going. Cause you are a mother fucking beast.

11. Yah, man, there’s a bonus one this week! I’m doing my very first television segment this Tuesday! So if you read this, please feel free to tune into Breakfast Television at 8:40 this Tuesday, September 2nd to see me chatting about hall the hippest health and wellness trends in YYC. It will go one of two ways: smiles or tears. But for now, I’m excited!

Embracing the 3.0

26 Aug


“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art—write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” ~Neil Gaiman

I always did like a birthday party. Good thing too, since a couple days ago I celebrated a big one. It’s now been officially 29 years since this photo was taken. Welcome to version 3.0, MJ. Yah, I talk to myself. Anyway, while it would have been easy to be all broody and moody about entering my third decade on this planet, I decided instead to be pumped about it. I think the real problem a lot of peeps have about turning 30 is that they get caught up in all the things the “should have” accomplished or accumulated already. Of course there are things that I wouldn’t mind having more of in my life (piles of money, piles of quality dudes, piles of quality dudes who want to give me piles of their money, these kinds of things), but to be frank, I’m doing pretty fucking great. Writers man, we’re never going to be rich, but I spent the last couple weeks “working” when I felt like it on the backdrop of beautiful British Columbia, got treated to a truly sensational media trip in Whistler, caught up with a number of my oldest dearest friends and had an absolutely kick-ass three-day birthday celebration. I am one lucky biotch. One lucky, spoiled biotech, to be exact. So to the Universe, my awesome tribe of people and to myself, I express immense gratitude for everything that has happened so far and everything that’s just around the corner. It’s been a hell of a ride and it’s only really just begun. Hello 30’s, you are looking mighty fine.

Recently in Smiles

22 Aug


1. A dream three years (literally) in the making coming true. I made a pie people! A peach one. And it was friggin’ delicious. Maybe in three more years I might make another one.

2. Cabin time. Can’t beat it. It’s my Disneyland.

3. Mrs. Doubtfire. On VHS, I might add. All these years later and it still holds up.

4. My Triangl bikinis all the way from the land down under. We all know I have a bathing suit addiction problem, so It was really only a matter of time until I gave in and ordered up a couple of these neoprene wonders that are EVERYWHERE in Australia. They are a damn good thing.

5. The arrival of my plane ticket to St. Lucia. Probably the best assignment of my life (so far).

6. Bench 1775 Sauvignon Blanc. Just delightful. Wish we had had a case, but then again, you stop tasting it past a certain point, don’t you?

7. A nostalgic trip up to Whistler 10 years later (with the same girlfriends). We may have stepped up the class a few notches thanks to an incredible night at Barefoot Bistro, but we’re still just the same crazy gals when we’re together.

8. Taking the class level right back down a few notches right after that fine dining experience when it turned out the bar we selected was having an underwear affair that very quickly escalated into a no pants parts. Oh my. We did not stay long. And that is all I will say about that.

9. Sunshiny pool days in B.C. while it’s stormy misery at home in Alberta. It’s mean, but I’m still smiling about it. Sorry friends.

10. The Gluten-free Green Pancakes at Nita Lake Lodge. Actually, in all honesty, pretty much everything I ate and drank at the Lodge this week was mind blasting, but I’ll get into that another time.

This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

15 Aug


1. Orange lipstick. Unexpected and delightful. #LemmeTakeASelfie (P.S. It’s a cheapy from Joe Fresh, so that’s just a bonus reason, really).

2. First TV segment booked. Boom! September 2nd, 8:10am, tune in to City TV to see me chatting about Calgary’s freshest fitness and wellness trends on Breakfast Television.

3. Catching up with gal pals. Gosh I’ve got some good ladies in my life.

4. Interviews that just blow your mind. Doesn’t happen all that often, but sometimes a project comes along that introduces you to amazing, awe-inspiring people. I feel honoured to even get to attempt to tell their stories.

5. Workouts that leave you just dripping in sweat. I’m not talking about like a little lady-like sweat. This was like dripping off of my pants down  my legs and collecting in my shoes and socks. New level ish.

6. Fresh, perfect shellack nails. Just love ‘em. And they stop me from making a mess of mine from biting them.

7. Road trips out to the countryside. Complete with being forced to buy a CD at a gas station when the radio gives out. Bonus points for the outstanding CD selection at said gas station. I didn’t even know Ed Sheeran had a new album out!

8. My Birthday Beat Down. Also known as the last training session of my 20s. It’s become a bit of a tradition that I get the crap kicked out of me the last session before my birthday festivities and heading into MJ 3.0 was no exception. It’s sounds terrible, but it’s occasionally strangely fun to be forced to give it everything you  have.

9. Getting caught in an apocalyptic storm in cutoffs, flip-flops and a tank top. What else can you do, but laugh?

10. Coffee dates with my FGM (fairy god mother). Time just flies when we are together. Never long enough.

11 Aug


It really is. So I’m hitting the road for a few weeks, friends. Heading back to my home and native land (Vancouver), chilling at my summer house on the Sunshine Coast with my BFFs and fam-damly, heading up to Whistler for a bit of “work” (aka. checking out a seemingly amazing hotel) and then celebrating my 30th in high style (Ed Sheeran concert at Ambelside and a very cool dinner party for 12 at Farm2Fork in Gastown).  Time for a little summertime magic…

This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

8 Aug


1. Grammar jokes. They get me every time.

2. Planning cabin time cocktails with Mel. Time for a well deserved little break in the discipline and nothing says summer quite like white sangria and watermelon margaritas.

3. How every time the commentators on the Crossfit Games referred to Bjork Odinsdottir, I thought they were talking about someone’s daughter. Oh, Icelandic language, you are so tricky.

4. That moment when you get out of the elevator on your floor and think, “mmm…somebody cooked something good.” Then you open your door and realize, it was you! You were the one who cooked something good! Thank you slow cooker meatballs.

5. That moment when a little bird flies out from seemingly under your bed. Ok, that part and the panic that followed for the moment afterwards as it perched on my bedside lamp were not so smiley. However, once I gathered my wits (read: stopped being terrified of a bird smaller than my hand) I seriously coaxed it out of my bedroom, into the main room and back out the patio door by speaking to it in my best Snow White voice. Seriously. True Story.

6. The realization that I had been home for at least two hours before the bird decided to emerge. Where the heck was it all that time???? I’m never looking under the bed.

7. Granny’s in Lululemon gear with cruiser bikes. You go, lady. You go.

8. Quality patio time with a gaggle of exceptional ladies. We don’t always get together, but when we do…

9. Positive emails. Most of the time in this business, the emails I get are from people who want to complain or want something from me. That’s why it was so refreshing to receive a note from a reader the other day who wanted to meet up and learn more about me and what I do. So cool to be able to shed some light on the freelance lifestyle and (try) to share a few tips with an aspiring writerly type. Loved it, so thank you for reaching out Felicia.

10. Daydreaming about my upcoming jaunt to Whistler to check out Nita Lake Lodge and catch up with my gypsy soul sister, Carolynne. It’s been year since we’ve had a real adventure (backpacking Europe circa 2007), so not only is it going to be sweet to check out exactly what this stunning location (yah, work is rough sometimes), but also to catch up with my girl.

Yah, Write…

6 Aug

Good grief I suck at documenting this stuff for you guys, but here is what I’ve been writing lately. Most of it anyways…sometimes I forget. It ain’t easy being a hustler, ok!? Good news is, I was so far behind that those who like to read now have a whole lot of material to check out. You are so welcome ;)

Lucky Calgarians got to run the new YYC runway before the planes took over.

How to eat and drink your way around Victoria. Hint: on a bike!

Why destination runs are the way to get that marathon bucket list item done.

I’m not alone in my love of cacti. Succulents, so hot right now.

And my most read story EVER of course goes to the piece I have put the least amount of energy into EVER.

17 Reasons Calgary is Awesome. It’s a pretty awesome place, didn’t take much work to sum it up.

Two birds, one really sweaty stone: why Hybrid workouts are the smart fitness freak’s method of choice.

Bulletproof coffee (also known as adding some butter to your cup of joe) making its way to YYC, as documented for Swerve magazine.

Calgary’s parkour gym. Yes, parkour. Yes, I had to do a class. And yes, it’s really freaking difficult.

4 Places for S’more-inspired Treats courtesy of up! magazine

How to ride a surfboard not very much like Beyonce (if her song lyrics mean what I think they do? I’m not very street) for the Calgary Herald and Avenue Calgary.

App reveals how seasonally-based YYC’s runners and cyclists are (the results were kind of shocking to me, actually).

How to look the part at Calgary’s Packwood Grand event.

My adventures in adult gymnastics for the Herald and why you should try it for Avenue Calgary.

Where to get your cold-pressed juice fix in YYC and all the juicy details (see what I did there?) on the boys behind YYC’s Well Juicery.


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