Motivation Monday

14 Jul

too legit

The wise, wise words of Mr. MC. Hammer. Just for the record, I’m about to crush it this week. 

Recent Reasons to Smile

11 Jul


1. My niece, Hannibal. Oh, I mean Elliot.

2. Fire truck tours. Those things are seriously spacious!

3. Unexpected e-mails inviting me to tropical places. If I’m able to secure an assignment for this trip, this will be my most exciting assignment yet.

4. Guava margaritas. Who am I kidding? Any flavour of margarita actually.

5. One date cancelling, a better date swooping in. Divine intervention at its best.

6. The new coconut almond milk blend. So very very splendid.

7. Observing that 10 days of stampeding is just not enough for people, it’s pretty much a 14 day extravaganza this year.

8. Making future travel plans with spectacular lady friends.

9. First pieces in new magazines. If anyone’s flying Westjet this month, look for my piece on S’more-inspired treats across North America.

10. Ending the night with a good old fashioned “I love you man” cry fest in the street with a buddy. Oh alcohol, you make for some hilarious memories.

Motivation Monday

7 Jul


Things are looking up.

This Week’s Best Reasons to Smile

27 Jun


1. Garb-orator salads. You know the ones where you just throw everything in the fridge into a bowl (or in this case the container the greens came in) and add vinegar. Most of the time salads are only good when other people make them, but when it’s a crazy sh*t-mix like this, it’s like a surprise in every bite.

2. Killer summer time playlists. If pop songs are any indication, this is going to be a good season.

3. Serendipity. Ask—or sometimes don’t even ask—and you shall receive.

4.  Scale victories. I was starting to wonder if there was maybe something physiologically wrong with me because no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get any of my post-vacation pudge to move. I had a big smile the other day when I hesitantly stepped on and my weight had finally taken a serious drop. The health and wellness professional in me knows it ain’t nothing but a number, but I won’t lie, the scale is still a mind fuck from time to time. And that’s why it lives under the bed and only comes out every few weeks.

5. Breaking patterns. Or perhaps even more so, just recognizing patterns and doing what needs to be done to avoid going around the merry-go-round one more time.

6. Online shopping that just goes oh-so-right. I’m two for two on randomly choosing stuff online and being so pleasantly surprised with fabrics, fit and quality. I should probably knock on wood right now.

7. Magenta toe nails. Man, they just can’t be beat.

8. Good old fashioned phone calls with some of my favourite people. Sometimes you just need to “reach out and touch someone”. Not literally of course, that could land you in jail, but you know, with your voice. That was an AT&T slogan back in the day wasn’t it? I don’t think I just made that shiz up.

9.  Speaking of jail, season two of Orange is the New Black. I really didn’t expect to get into that show, but thank you Netflix.

10. Longshots that come true. I swear I need to find a job that only involves making people say yes to my ideas and I would be a very happy camper for the rest of my days.

Motivation Monday

23 Jun


Bloom baby, bloom.

Motivation Monday

16 Jun


Ms. Angelou always knew what was up.


Recent Reasons to Smile

13 Jun


1. The nights when Richy comes to town. Even when we say to ourselves, “ok, this isn’t going to be a big one….just medium sized…we have to work tomorrow,” things still just escalate.

2. That moment when you open the dishwasher fully expecting to have to unload it before you can put the dirty dishes in and you realize you already did!

3. Gymnastic class progress. Front handsprings…Boom!

4. Fruit salad. I’m like a bottomless pit for the stuff these days.

5. Broadening my fitness horizons. In the last few weeks I’ve tried parkour, gymnastics, Muay Thai kickboxing, Power classes at the Talisman Centre, paid a visit to my friends at Barre Body Studio and checked out the Surf Sessions at Studio Revolution. It’s hella intimidating to walk into these foreign situations, but in the end I always love the experiences. Makes me realize how fun my job is sometimes.

6. Forever21. Such cute stuff, such friendly prices.

7. The boys behind Well Juicery. They are going to do great things for our fair city.

8. Wandering through Lindsay Park and seeing people sunning themselves like cats on the picnic tables. We really are deprived of Vitamin D here, aren’t we?

9. Questbars. Seriously. Where have you been my whole life?

10. To the guy sitting on the 4th Street stoop who decided to tell me, “you look great,” as I strolled by. Not in a hitting on me way, but just in a wanted to let you know way. Thank you, kind sir.



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